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Bill Towie

My only real contact with EXPS is through Max Cooper. He is a great servant to EXPS and in fact an ambassador in all respects. I rate EXPS highly and enjoy the phone conversations with Max every few months. I would like to meet him one day. EXPS are a better organisation with him on board, look after him!

Rachel Presbitero

I have been so impressed with the EXPS printing level of service. They always ensure that we are not running out of stocks thru making a follow up call. They deliver the highest quality of products and offer competitive price. Also, I would like to commend Max for doing an excellent job.

Butch Schrope

I can’t brag enough on Max Cooper and EXPS when it comes to their customer service. Max checks on me from time to time to make sure I have what I need for my printer and if I need something right away, EXPS sees to it that it gets shipped out immediately. Just the other day I ran out of Cyan (blue) ink and needed to finish a project. I called Max at EXPS that afternoon and had it by the next morning. Now that’s what I call customer service. Thanks EXPS and Max Cooper for all you do!

Jenny Brooks

I have been so impressed with Exps Printing’s level of expertise and responsiveness. They set a benchmark in customer service that other companies simply cannot reach. Exps always delivers the highest quality printing, best level of service and best pricing on every project!

Peilee Chew

Ordered cartridge for work printer. Received promptly and have had no issues. Will order again!

Rebecca Smith

Exps is always there when you need them, fast service, wonderful customer relations, competent work completed, helpful with suggestions

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